Monday, March 7, 2011

Delicious Blocks!


Everybody loves minecraft. Everybody. If they don't, then they have never played it. You have to play it to really feel how simply awesome it is. Just watching it you would be all: "What, so you like, punch trees? That's stupid and dumb and I hate you." But I say: "Nay simpleton! Take a hold of this magical fist and see what you can do!!" And then they are all: "Holy smokes Mineman this is pure liquid awesome!" and I am all: "Yeah. I know."

So now you have an idea of minecraft. When I first started playing it I played for 11 hours straight, which I am quite proud of! I made about 3-4 worlds myself, and spent a little time on qube tubers, you should check them out if you like people who like minecraft, because they like minecraft, and are very friendly.

I may or may not post some pics of my creations, which aren't that spectacular, I'm no architect. The coolest thing I have built in my opinion is my pyramid, which was going to be the same size as the Great Pyramid at Giza, even though that pyramid has a slightly steeper angle and is I think 5m shorter than the total height of minecraft, so I was planning to build straight down to bedrock but I got bored =b

So that's a bit of minecraft, I will probably come back to this because it is such an awesome game. And still in Beta to boot!

Next time I am going to be talking about Magicka on Steam. Now that is one crazy game.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

I'm here, and I like video games

Ok I am going to make this blog about video games, because I love my video games. I don't play a whole heap of games, but I do play a lot.

Firstly, Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty

Pretty awesome game, I am just about to go and start laddering. I play zerg, arguably the hardest race to play, but is the most respected and is incredibly fun in my eye. I also play a lot of custom games and if you want to hit me up PM me your name and I will add you and we can play some Starcraft!

Next blog: Minecraft